Kingston WritersFest or photobombing Atwood

I had a blast at the Kingston Writersfest and really enjoyed moderating “In Other Worlds” with Margaret Atwood, Madeline Ashby, and Corey Redekop! We talked a surprising amount about cannibalism and everyone managed to keep their lunches down (good job audience!).  I also loved moderating the panel “Love and the Mess We’re In” with Stephen Marche and Sheila Heiti.

I think my favorite quote of the events happened with Atwood before our event. I introduced myself to Margaret and told her that I would be the moderator for the evening. To which she replied “You are going to try and moderate me? I won’t be moderated.”

Indeed, Margaret, indeed.

atwood photobomb(Photo courtesy of Ada Mullet)


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One Comment on “Kingston WritersFest or photobombing Atwood”

  1. Leanne October 3, 2013 at 8:01 am #

    I love this photo Sarah.

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