About Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang

As a child, Sarah Tsiang dreamed about being a part-time librarian and a part-time truck driver. Though many people suggested that she work in a bookmobile, it just didn’t thrill her the way an 18-wheeler could. Eventually, she gave up that dream and decided to be the prime minister of Canada. Somehow, this led her to writing picture books and poetry.Sarah spends most of her days building giant snow forts, jumping in piles of leaves, and going to the splash pad at the park (adjust for season). She also writes. Sarah starting writing at the age of four, mostly one-word stories comprised of her favorite words: “noodles” and “mommy.” She spent most of her time in elementary school making up stories for her friends during recess. She spent the rest of her time reading and re-reading books like Jacob Two-Two, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Indian in the Cupboard, and Where the Red Fern Grows.Sarah has her MFA from UBC. She is also an award-winning poet who publishes poetry under the name of Yi-Mei Tsiang. Sarah’s book A Flock of Shoes (Fall 2010)was inspired by a line from the last poem in her book of poetry, Sweet Devilry. Sarah and her daughter spend a lot of time at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, where they are trying to read every picture book in the building. They take short breaks to play with the stuffed dog. Of the hundreds of their favorite picture books, a few of them are the Mole Sisters series, anything by Mo Willems, anything by Sarah Garland, Best Friends for Frances, The Story of Ferdinand, Emily’s Balloon, Dormir, moi? Jamais!, I Really Want to Eat a Child, Ish, and A Pocket Can Have a Treasure in It.Sarah loves school visits and can hold writing workshops for anyone from Kindergarten to retirement.

Sarah Tsiang publishes under two names, Sarah and Yi-Mei Tsiang.  She is the author of A Flock of Shoes, Sweet Devilry, Dogs Don’t Eat Jam and other things big kids know and The Stone Hatchlings. Sarah is also the editor of Desperately Seeking Susans and the forthcoming anthology Tag: Canadian Poets at Play. Look for her forthcoming books Status Updates (Fall 2013 with Oolichan Books) and Fire Breather (Spring 2014 with Orca Books) You can see some of her work here:

Cahoots Magazine

Vallum Magazine

Fieldstone Review

Or buy her broadside here:

Rubicon Press

Or you can view her C.V. for a full list of publications and awards.

One Comment on “About Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang”

  1. Lisa Doherty September 11, 2011 at 10:07 am #

    Hello Sarah,
    My name is Lisa and I am a local Kingston girl who is interested in writing children’s books. I have some ideas for stories, but I am not a writer by trade. I am a physiotherapist and have had an epiphany that I would really like to be a writer. You have inspired me to believe that a girl from Kingston can be successful in this field.
    I am looking for some guidance as I am not sure where to start or what processes are needed in order to publish a book. Any advise, guidance or insight would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to meet up if you wish, however, I understand that you are probably very busy so my e-mail is lis.nat@hotmail.com.
    Cheers and congratulations on all of you accomplishments!
    Lisa Doherty

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