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Try the new Quiz! Find out what you would have been in Ancient China

Warriors cover


Would you like a fun way to learn about Ancient China? Download this free game of “Reverse Fortune” to see what you would have been if you had lived in Ancient China! Click on the fortune cookies to reveal your job and then click on the picture to go back to the cookies. (Descriptions of the jobs can be seen in “notes view” — or from the book!)

Warriors and Wailers Game – Reverse Fortunes!

Reverse Fortunes!

(A preview from the game)

Thinking of teaching A Flock of Shoes?  Why not download some fun postcards so your students can colour and send their own mail?

front of the postcards
back of the postcards

postcard 1 Postcard 2 post card 3 Back of postcards

Do you have an activity that you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments section!


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